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The following are our current board members. We organize the events, keep a budget and encourage member participation whenever possible. If you are interested in being part of a committee, please contact ..... at phone number.


Gandhari Bouligny has been a professional astrologer in Houston since 1999. As well as giving spiritual, life path readings, she offers energy healing/Reiki/Chakra balancing sessions. Her business is White Rose Wellness and you can contact her at


Desiree Pinks became interested in Astrology through the study of her own chart and personal relationships. She has been an independent student of Astrology since 2015, and, upon moving to Houston, Texas, began formal study with The Houston Institute of Astrology in 2017. 


She has also studied online with The Astrology School. She graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with an emphasis on International Business and Management in 2016. 


Desiree practices Astrology via recorded video format, offering diverse readings to her clients. Desiree can be reached at or via e-mail at


Rebeca  Eigen, a Houston astrologer for 25+ years and author of The Shadow Dance & the Astrological 7th House Workbook. Her specialty is relationships using the timeless methods of astrology and Jungian psychology to introduce us to “the Shadow” in all of us — everything about us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped or denied. This is one of the most important topics that govern our personal, familial, group and national life. 


Rebeca’s study of the Shadow has given her an invaluable awareness of the unconscious and the role it plays in the relationships that we attract into our lives. We know from studying myth that Beauty eventually learned to love the Beast. 


To learn more about Rebeca visit her web site at


Irina Jacobson, MA, MBA, MH, is an experienced Houston-based astrologer and life coach. She fell in love with astrology while studying the work of Carl Jung who used astrology to understand the unique soul’s blueprint and the person’s life mission. With compassion and a sense of humor, Irina helps her clients truly get to know their own uniqueness, find faith in themselves, and understand and trust the flow of their lives. Her focus is showing solutions that the clients do not see themselves by pointing out their strong character traits that can be used for optimal problem resolutions utilizing astrology, positive psychology, and spiritual practices, including yoga and meditation. She is a counselor who truly listens and provides helpful guidance for the client to achieve tangible results. Irina spent many years studying the unique blend of Western and Vedic astrology, including several years in Houston Institute of Astrology. She is a certified yoga teacher, holds Masters degrees in Counseling and Business, a Master Healer designation, and has extensive training in trauma, grief and loss, and relationship distress remediation. Irina is fluent in Russian and works with multinational clients from this culturally sensitive approach.

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