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The following are our current board members. We organize the events, keep a budget and encourage member participation whenever possible. If you are interested in being part of a committee, please contact ..... at phone number.

Gandhari Bouligny has been a professional astrologer in Houston since 1999. As well as giving spiritual, life path readings, she offers energy healing/Reiki/Chakra balancing sessions. Her business is White Rose Wellness and you can contact her at


Sue Ramirez Castillo has been studying astrology since 2015 attended at Houston Institute of Astrology. Currently just enjoys studying astrology.  Joined Houston Astrological Society board in 2019. 

Kalyan Darshan/Jacinta musical mystic stargazer, peace-maker, and yogini, teaches yoga, guides meditations and sacred chants in collaboration with the cosmos.

Her passion for astrology inspires each offering, consisting of practices that align with the celestial bodies, their aspects, and ever-evolving narrative.

In flow with the seasons, astrology, and cycles of time, she offers Cosmic Events, meditations for aligning our lives with each New and Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox, and other notable high energy astrological occurrences.

After working for two decades as a professional music artist, her spiritual nature and love of humanity prompted new pursuits of study and an expansion of what she could offer as a musician and seeker.  Shifting from electro/piano/pop/dance music to sacred chants and sonic healing, she studied with sound healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman, Eileen McKusick, and mantra legend, Krishna Das.  

She completed a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics and became an Usui Reiki Master before discovering the power of Kundalini Yoga in 2016.  Kundalini Yoga, also known as Yoga for the Aquarian Age captured her imagination with its tremendous reservoir of yogic quantum technologies for supporting humanity at this transformational time.
Kalyan Darshan is the Aquarian Age Advocate!

She has been teaching regular classes since receiving her initial certification in 2017 and has 280 hours with the Kundalini Research Institute.  In 2021, Kundalini Yoga lead her to study Meridian Yoga through the Science of Self Yoga.  

Jacinta Brondgeest/ Kalyan Darshan holds a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology, a Bachelor of Metaphysics, and is an ordained minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics, officiating marriages and performing divine ceremonies.  She has 5 Billboard hits and self-penned songs synced in film, games, and TV, but today plays to the rhythm of nature and the cosmos because she believes they are conscious and sincerely desire to collaborate with us humans.  

My passions lie where science and spirituality can intersect, sound and mantra, metaphysics, astrology, mind-body and vibrational medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, and numerology. I am committed to being in service to the conscious awakening of humanity as we enter the Age of Aquarius as a teacher, providing a container for transformation and expanding consciousness. 


Kalyan Darshan - Transformational Facilitator - Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra.jpeg
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