Houston Astrological Society (HAS) was started with a handful of astrology enthusiasts in 2013. Our purpose is to create an organization to promote the study of astrology to the general public. HAS is a nonprofit organization who’s members consist of novices, experts, teachers, students and the curious in the astrology fields.


Many of us experience astrology as a tool to better understand ourselves and others and use it as a navigation system through all areas of our life.  Astrology has given us a framework in which to see the larger patterns of our lives and to provide insights into our life’s purpose.


We believe astrology creates a sense of connection to that which is greater than ourselves. HAS offers opportunities to learn, share, and meet other like minded souls. We host bi-monthly meetings with guest speakers throughout the year, as well as hosting special events and workshops.

Welcome Libra New Moon!!


Please join the Houston Astrological Society Friday, September 30th, 7 - 8:30 pm, for a Fall astrological forecast via Zoom with Gandhari Bouligny-


"Finding balance and harmony in the midst of chaos"


With the Libra Fall Equinox on September 22nd, Mercury stationing direct on October 2nd, and Mars slowing down to go retrograde at the end of next month, we are keenly aware of the need for balance in our lives.


Gandhari will take an in-depth view of these and other pivotal astrological aspects as we enter the Fall season, so that we can be better prepared for the continuing tide of change, releasing the past, and the emergence of new possibilities in our lives. 


We will also have a special guest, Jacinta Kalyan, guide us in a singing bowl meditation, at the end of the presentation, to revitalize our left/right brain and instill calm and equilibrium in our body/mind connection.


Fee - $20 RSVP at 281-217-2910 or 

Venmo - gandhari-bouligny-1


Stay tuned!

There will be a special presentation with Carmen Turner-Schott, on the afternoon of Sunday, November 13th. Author of "Phoenixes and Angels: Mastering the 8th and 12th Astrological Houses", she will be speaking with us on the power of transformation through the 8th house and correlating this with the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses this Fall. Stay tuned!

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Embodying the Cosmic Currents for Personal Transformation

Monday June 13th, 7pm-8:30pm; $20 per person

Uranus/ Mars/North Node Conjunction , will be lighting up our minds. As this ominous "triple whammy" looms on the horizon, alarm bells are sounding, forewarning astrologers that radical change is inevitable.

In this presentation, Kalyan Darshan  offers a refreshing perspective for collaborating with the forthcoming "triple whammy".  Kalyan will share yoga techniques she utilizes in her regular Cosmic Events Meditations.
Specific practices are selected that resonate with the qualities of the pertinent planetary archetypes and their aspects.

They include:
• Pranayama (breathing techniques)
• Mudras (hand postures)
• Drishti (eye focus)
• Mantra (vocal phrase repetition) and
• sonic healing instruments including Tibetan bowls, and gong.

These practices accompany a guided meditation, that brings the participant to the intersection point of each aspect. They can feel into the experience of receiving the energetic cosmic waves moving through their bodies and minds, invoking their thoughts, and feelings inspired by the specific cosmic event. These contemplative practices are offered as cosmic collaborations and an opportunity for supporting healing and transformation.

To register please click the PayPal button. We will email you the Zoom link upon receiving your payment. 













Kalyan Darshan, musical mystic stargazer, peace-maker, and yogini, teaches yoga, guides meditations and sacred chants in collaboration with the cosmos. Her passion for astrology inspires each offering, consisting of practices that align with the celestial bodies, their aspects, and ever-evolving narrative. In flow with the seasons, astrology, and cycles of time, she offers Cosmic Events, meditations for aligning our lives with each New and Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox, and other notable high energy astrological occurrences.
After working for two decades as a professional music artist, her spiritual nature and love of humanity prompted new pursuits of study and an expansion of what she could offer as a om electro/piano/pop/dance music to sacred chants and sonic healing, she studied with sound healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman, Eileen McKusick, and mantra legend, Krishna Das. She completed a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics and became an Usui Reiki Master before
discovering the power of Kundalini Yoga in 2016. Kundalini Yoga, also known as Yoga for the Aquarian Age captured her imagination with its tremendous reservoir of yogic quantum technologies for supporting humanity at this transformational time. She has been teaching regular classes since receiving her initial certification in 2017 and has 280 hours with the Kundalini Research Institute. In 2021, Kundalini Yoga lead her to study Meridian Yoga through the Science of Self Yoga.

Jacinta Brondgeest/ Kalyan Darshan holds a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology, a Bachelor of Metaphysics, and is an ordained minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics, officiating marriages and performing divine ceremonies. She has 5 Billboard hits and self-penned songs synced in film, games, and TV, but today plays to the rhythm of nature and the cosmos because she believes they are conscious and sincerely desire
to collaborate with us humans.

My passions lie where science and spirituality can intersect, sound and mantra, metaphysics, astrology, mind-body and vibrational medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, and numerology. I am committed to being in service to the conscious awakening of humanity as we enter the Age of Aquarius as a teacher, providing a container for transformation and expanding consciousness.

Peace, Love & Light, Kalyan Darshan/Jacinta

Links: (Scorpio Lunar Eclipse cosmic event)  (a mantra for peace)