Houston Astrological Society (HAS) was started with a handful of astrology enthusiasts in 2013. Our purpose is to create an organization to promote the study of astrology to the general public. HAS is a nonprofit organization who’s members consist of novices, experts, teachers, students and the curious in the astrology fields.


Many of us experience astrology as a tool to better understand ourselves and others and use it as a navigation system through all areas of our life.  Astrology has given us a framework in which to see the larger patterns of our lives and to provide insights into our life’s purpose.


We believe astrology creates a sense of connection to that which is greater than ourselves. HAS offers opportunities to learn, share, and meet other like minded souls. We host bi-monthly meetings with guest speakers throughout the year, as well as hosting special events and workshops.

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“Declination: The other view of the planets"

Friday, April 22, 7-8:30 pm Online via Zoom- $20 per person

In our usual view of astrology, we always use the zodiac, which is created by the path of the Sun across the sky. In the use of Declination, we are looking at the planets and how they relate to the Equator or the Earth in general. Information from transiting planets comes from above while Information from Declination is generated from the Earth’s energy.

In this lecture, we will look at some Declination charts so that we can become more familiar with what they look like. We will also explore the “aspect” of Declination, Parallel and Contr-Parallel both in transit and natal positions.

Enjoy this new look at our planets and their relationships to each other!

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